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Tuesday, 05 August 2008

As a manufacturer for the aerospace industry, Quality of products is a commitment we extend to all of our customers, regardless of quantity runs and complexity. We are currently registered to ISO 9001 and the additional aerospace requirements of AS9100 and adhere to all the requirements of the major players within our industry. (Click here to view certificate of registration). We are an approved manufacturing and support source for Gulfstream, Grumman, Vought, Lockheed, and the United Stated Government.

All products undergo detailed inspection during and after manufacturing operations to assure conformance to specified requirements and appropriate records are maintained. As required by contract or run history, First Article Inspections are performed in accordance with AS9102 to provide complete traceability of the part, material, and all processing performed. This process is also used to validate planning and equipment capability.

All equipment used for product verification is periodically calibrated by an outside source traceable the National Institute for Standards Technology (NIST). All tube assemblies are verified by an automatic measurement machine (CMM/vector) based on established criteria.

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